Toy News: Mattel Creations The Batman Ultimate Batmobile RC Hot Wheels Car

WOW! What else can I describe this car with? The Batman sees a really gritty side of the character and his Batmobile as being a suped up muscle car on sci fi future steroids is so fitting for that in carnation of the Batman… So they gave any would be model car makers a pretty damn nice basis to work on! Hot Wheels RC didn’t just run with it, they full out sprinted an entire marathon carrying this baby to bring what might be the coolest remote control car ever produced. BUT it will set you back $500!

So why are the guys at Mattel Creations asking for you to have a Batman-esque bank balance in order to buy this baby? Some of the features and accessories include:

  • True to the screen used car replica
  • 1:10 scale (measuring in at 19.5″ long x 9.6″ wide x 5.3″ high)
  • To give a realistic rear yet glow it uses a mixture of LED lighting and water vapour
  • Pistol grip style remote control
  • Insane detailing inside including on the seats, instruments and even a gear shift knob which moves according to the way its being driven
  • Removable 6 inch Batman figure
  • Storage plinth straight out of the Batcave complete with diagnostic instruments which light up if you press the batsignal

I really am blown away by the detail in this model.

It’s available to pre-order now from the Mattel Creations site.

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