NFT News: Hot Wheels NFT Garage on Wax

Heading over to the Wax blockchain on 16th November is a whole garage full of Hot Wheels cars in NFT form and I have to say that they are looking pretty amazing! With 4 different rarity levels up for grabs as shown below, you’ll get chances through 2 different pack sizes to get them! Either $15 for a 4 pack or grab a 10 pack for $35 but get there quick because they are only producing 12,150 4 packs and 4,860 10 packs. Get them soon at

  • Base tier 74.07% chance
  • Rare tier 20.37% chance
  • Premium tier 4.94% chance
  • Treasure Hunt tier (NFTH) 0.62% chance

That NFTH one is probably the most exciting as you’re hunting for the treasure of a matching limited edition die cast Hot Wheels model which you can redeem this NFT against.

On 13th November you’ll get your first chance at seeing these in your Wax wallet as they are giving away 2,000 promo packs during their discord Hot Wheels Legends Tour Global Grand Finale stream, and then potentially some more on Twitter on both the 14th and 15th November.

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