Movie News: Lightyear Teaser Trailer Reaction

When I found out that they were making a Buzz Lightyear movie I was pretty stoked about it, and then got immediately bummed out when I realised that they were changing the voice! I know that the character has been voiced by other people before, but when it comes to movie time Buzz, there’s no replacement for Tim Allen and quite frankly I wanted him to voice this movie… Instead we get Chris Evans… Has he got the most exciting voice? I don’t feel like he’s necessarily brimming with charisma!

This new teaser trailer however shows us how this is justified… And whilst the change of voice along with some other changes do make sense in the context of the movie, I still think Tim Allen is the quintessential Buzz Lightyear!

Let’s start by addressing my issue!

Ok so it’s clear that this movie is an origins movie, not of Buzz from the Toy Story films but of Buzz Lightyear the real life Star Command pilot who inspired the toy. I get why he looks a bit different and why the voice is different. That doesn’t mean I have to like it, I do accept you though Cap!

To be honest it kind of seems like real life Buzz lacks a bit of the charisma and quite frankly balls of the toy Buzz, so in a way the new voice really suits him. I did think they were never going to introduce the space suit we all know and love though so I was happy to at least see that towards the end.

That space suit looks good though right! In fact the whole thing looks absolutely amazing. Visually this is some of the best work I can remember seeing from Pixar and I really do want to see the whole thing.

There are a lot of little Star Wars nods though. A lot of things look like Star Wars! Feel like Star Wars… Staring out of the window across a futuristic orangey city and flying an x-wing to land on Dagobah.

This film is due for release in 2022, with the exact date currently set as 17th June.

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