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If you came here looking to “Figures ‘n’ Films” don’t panic and certainly don’t turn around and walk away! You’re in the right place! As of the end of October 2021, Figure ‘n’ Films is now Nerd Life, because the site has naturally evolved to be so much more than just movies and toys. Take some time to check out the newly categorized news below for all things movies, TV, streaming, toys, NFTs, gaming, events, and more, and then delve into the further topics we have for each of these.

Nerd Life is a site that is evolving and we want to bring you even more and even better content all the time so don’t forget to follow us on Word Press and join our social media community to keep on top of what’s happening in the Nerd Life!

It might take us a couple of days to do some housekeeping and get the layout perfected so please just enjoy the content for now!

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