Toy News: Star Wars Day saw a Bunch of new Funko Products for the Franchise

Ok Ok Ok… I know, it’s already 7th May and I slept on this in a BIG way. Sadly on Star Wars Day – May 4th if you didn’t know my son was quite ill and then I was away for 2 days for work, so this really did all just slip by me and I can’t believe I didn’t do a damn thing for Star Wars Day!

To try and make up for it, I can at least give a nice round-up of all the Funko releases from the day, and there were plenty!

Let us start with just the normal Funko pops shall we?

For the Anaheim 2022 Star Wars Celebration there is a set of 5 galactic convention exclusives which are single pops of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, a Storm Trooper, Chewbacca and Princess Leia. To be honest these pops are nice, but there’s nothing here which majorly stands out. Equally all 5 pops can also be purchased as a 5 pack (I never really like these to be honest) on a single stand.

Another set of normal pops as exclusives (this time to Disney) for the Star Wars 45 celebrations are 3 (technically 3) new additions to the concept series. Firstly a Darth Vader (I don’t think Vader has the best helmet in Star Wars by a long way but I am glad that they didn’t go for this duck billed vader style in the end), and then there are figures for R2-D2 and C-3PO, although these will be available only in a 2 pack. That R2 is absolutely gorgeous!

For pops which are a little more unusual there’s a red saber series volume 1 Darth Maul, which is absolutely gorgeous! The lava stand really makes this figure and this GameStop exclusive has glow in the dark features too, to join the Darth Sidious figure. Pre order now from GameStop.

Grogu is getting the star treatment as well with a diamond series glittery pop which is another galactic convention exclusive while GameStop get yet another exclusive in the way of a new Mega Sized version of Boba Fett, which is going to be a very nice addition to any collection that has the space!

Walmart in a bid not to miss out and equally continue to ruin franchises with their art series has a batch of 4 different Darth Vader figures, each ruined by a new paintjob. The lava figure is almost tolerable I guess, whilst that number 1 figure with the different lighting patterns looks ok but almost turned him in a samurai in appearance.

You all know how I feel about art series pops!

Coming in to save the day is Amazon with their exclusive (announced a couple of days later so I haven’t slept quite as long with this gem), and that is an absolutely stunning Star Wars Power of the Galaxy figure of Padme. Is this a good contender for one of the most beautiful pops out there? I think so.

For the last thing which is almost a pop, but not quite a pop, whilst equally something very special there is a Die Cast Darth Vader coming out with a metal finish version which I think is currently the best looking Funko Vader figure.

Loungefly got in on the action too as part of the Anaheim 2022 Star Wars Celebration with a pop and bag combo. Earlier we had a beautiful R2-D2, and now we got a horrible diamond edition glittery one too which goes along with an X-Wing backpack and it looks like it has a clear compartment to hold your special R2 unit inside! That’s pretty cool at least.

Similarly in the world of fashion they announced a new Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars as a “Super Deluxe” Pop Ride… Not sure what the super deluxe bit means and then they advertised it alongside a Freddy Funko Pop Tee… I’m guessing that they are 2 separate releases but they haven’t made it very clear!

Finally on to the Funko Soda figures and I have no idea what’s going on here! They’ve advertised them with 2 different cans for each (a green version and an orange version of Boba Fett – the green with 25,000 units and the orange with 10,000 units and then a blue and a yellow version of Luke Skywalker with 19,000 of the blue and 10,000 of the yellow). If memory serves me correct I think the green and blue cans are previous releases and that these orange and yellow ones are the new Star Wars Celebration retro comic book style versions each with a glow in the dark chase.

I THINK that’s how it goes!

Just to finish off, in case you’re worried about where to get your Star Wars Celebration exclusives without heading to Anaheim, those shared exclusives for USA and Canada are going to be below, and I’ll keep my eye out for if they reveal some Central & South American or European shared exclusive partners too!

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