Toy News: New Moon Knight Funko Pops

This release was announced on 5th May, so just a day after the latest episode aired on Disney+… Not a huge amount of time for people to suck the show in to their eyeballs before seeing these and equally by now I still hadn’t seen the episode as I have been away for work, but after a few days I guess it can be forgiven and it’s not a huge surprise! Should have come with a spoiler alert I recon though!

However first of all we have the Scarlet Scarab Funko pop figure, which looks stunning and is proving to be very popular with the only criticism being that it shouldn’t be a limited edition… But let’s face it just because it says limited edition, with Funko this can still mean tens of thousands, so let’s not panic yet! It will at first at least be available only as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive, and we will see whether there will be any shared exclusive releases for this pop. With the response it is getting, I think there will be!

Joining her will be an Ammit and jumbo sized Temple of Khonshu statue both exclusive to Target.

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