Toy News: Hot Raspberry Sket One x Superplastic 15″ UberKranky Out Now

The Kranky figure by Superplastic is one of the most iconic vinyl designer figures on the market right now and especially so amongst street art fans because of the unique spray can features. The head of the figure features a apray can lid which can be removed to show a spray can cap (although if you press it nothing happens as it doesn’t contain any paint), and if you shake it there’s even a ball bearing inside to make it sound like a spray can. The spay can vibe doesn’t stop there though with their collaboration with Sket One picking a number of classic street art colours to accompany that lid – the latest one to be added to the palette is Hot Raspberry.

The UberKranky is a 15 inch monster version of the figure and it’s available now from the Superplastic website for £152.

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