Nerd News: TOPPS Match Attax 2021/22 Season Launch Today

I don’t usually write much about sports memorabilia because I just don’t know an awful lot about it! I haven’t been a big football (soccer) fan since I was a kid, but I am on the other hands a fan of what TOPPS do, and their Slam Attax series for WWE is absolutely brilliant, so I assume that they are bringing the same level of detail and innovation to the latest season of Match Attax cards. These 2021 / 2022 season cards are available from today at retailers and also through the TOPPS website where you’ll find them available in a few different pack types as below (these are TOPPS website prices and retail SHOULD really be the same):

  • 1st Edition multipack (including 6 exclusive first edition cards, a gold limited edition card, and online exclusive Erling Haaland Superstar card – 1:10 chance and 2 x 12 card packs) £4.00
  • Standard pack of 12 cards £1.99
  • Full Box of 24 x 12 card packs £43.20
  • Starter pack (including 2 gold limited edition cards for Greenwood and Kante, 32 page game guide & checklist, a collectors binder, a play pitch and a chance of crystal parallel, chrome shield, chrome or autograph cards) £5.99
  • Multipack of 2 x 12 packs and a 6 pack including a limited edition gold card £4.99
  • Mega multipack of 5 x 12 packs and a further 3 limited edition gold cards £10
  • Mega tins, with 4 different types (Aqua, Atomic, Lava or Lightning) available, each containing 70 standard cards and 3 gold limited edition cards. 1 in 32.7 tins will also contain a player worn jersey relic! £13.00

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