Nerd News: Funko Festival of Fun 2021

The Funko festival of Fun which they have been eluding to for the past few days has begun and I think the Funko cash cow has officially lost the plot! We have just come off the back of a special Funko event with tonnes of announcements, after another event with announcements after another few events… These announcement events are getting out of hand! We need cons back BAD so that they stop filling their calendar with chances to advertise their newest crazy ideas! But that’s not why they’ve lost the plot… It’s still August and this latest event is their Christmas release event!

Funko! Come on! Can we not just get Halloween out of the way first?

They must realize how insane it is to have their Mariah Carey pops being advertised on the 25th September.

So here we go – I’ll do this as a living document as I’m not 100% sure how long the Festival of Fun will go on for… So come back and check what gets added as it happens!

Funko Pops

The first set of Christmas themed pops to be announced make sense and are actually pretty cool to see as we get a full range of Jingle all the Way pops including Turbo Man (2 versions including an Amazon exclusive), Myron (which is so far my favourite release from this announcement), Dementor and Howard (including Howard as Turbo Man). Another Christmas movie making the rounds with a pop is National lampoon’s Christmas Vacation which sees Clark with that busted sled as an FYE exclusive.

Disney of course also make an early appearance in the pop section with a couple of common Winnie the Pooh pops in the form of Eeyore and Tigger with each also having an exclusive to Hot Topic and Amazon respectively. Hot Topic also have an exclusive double pack of Stitches from lilo and Stitch whilst the rest of us can also get their hands on the common Donald Duck and Daisy Duck.

The first Santa pop we’ve got is Santa Phyllis from the office which is a GameStop and EB Games exclusive.

I guess you can’t have Christmas without one of the top Christmas tunes of all time, and honestly one I never get sick of hearing over the festive season. Joining the rocks collection is a new Diamond collection version of Mariah Carey, which is going to be an Amazon exclusive.

You also can’t have Christmas without a couple of new Peppermint Lane releases as they bring out Dauber Higgins the polar bear and Bjorn Cranmore the Octopus.

Leading on in a very Christmasy way I do actually surprisingly quite like these – it’s a really original idea – a bunch of Marvel characters in gingerbread form! These are really cool! You can get gingerbread Scarlet Witch, Spiderman, Thor, Black panther, Captain marvel, Hulk, Iron man and Captain America. There there is also a Funko shop exclusive Thanos and Hot Topic have a diamond edition version of Thor, which I think is a bit of a weird decision for a gingerbread man.

Taking it back to the weird from the cute is a WWE pop of the Fiend dressed as Santa, which is also a glow in the dark pop… and I have to admit it’s pretty cool. This one is exclusive to Walmart!

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Just like every event at the moment they’re tackling some more market nooks and cannies. I know that there are already some sparse Funko homewares items out there but we never really hear about them. This time we are getting some Christmas mugs though. The first is a Marvel double pack featuring the Hulk and Iron Man whilst the next is a Star Wars double pack with Boba Fett and a Storm Trooper, with both sets being exclusive to Walmart.

Hallmark Christmas Ornaments

Another new entry for Funko as they are teaming up with more and more companies to broaden the brand is a set of Christmas tree ornaments produced in association with hallmark. The first of which is an extension of the insane number of Gizmo pops which were released during Funkoween this year… It’s a pretty cute one and I guess it does fit the Christmas theme pretty well!

From here on it just spirals in to a massive list of new ornaments:

  • The Mandalorian – Baby Yoda and Mando with baby Yoda (Walmart exclusives)
  • Nightmare Before Christmas – Jack and Sally (Walmart exclusives) and a Jack diamond edition (Funko exclusive)
  • Marvel – Groot, Spiderman and Deadpool (Walmart exclusives)
  • DC – Batman in his pajamas and Superman dressed as Santa (Walmart exclusives) and Batman dressed in a Santa robe (Funko exclusive)
  • The office – Dwight and Michael (Walmart exclusives)
  • Friends – Rachel, Monica and Phoebe (Walmart exclusive)
  • Masters of the Universe – Skeletor (Walmart exclusive)
  • Minecraft – I dunno, some guy (Walmart exclusive)
  • Ghostbusters – Stay Puft Man (Walmart exclusive)

Advent Calendars

The Calendars this year are going to be Harry Potter (as always), Pokemon (which looks really good), Five Nights at Freddy’s (which is the best one of the lot this year with some amazing blacklight style figures) and the Office.

Action Figures

I already spoke about the Jingle all the Way Funko pop set above, but they’re going a step further, and this is actually a pretty cool one, they’ve made the Turboman Action Figure.


Finishing off the Jingle all the Way products there is also the first game they announced which is a card game based on the film, called It’s Turbo Time. Another Christmas movie getting the game treatment (twice) is the Grinch which has one called Dr Seuss Merry Grinchmas and a card game called Grinch Grow Your Heart.

The Something Wild card game collection also gets new additions with Five Nights at Freddy’s,2 Star Wars games (one for just Star Wars and one for the Mandalorian) and Peppermint Lane.


The first set of pins is a 4 pack which is available from Walmart only, featuring Stripe and Gizmo from Gremlins.

Funko Soda Figures

A line which I’m enjoying seeing grow all the time is the Funko Soda line, and this Christmas we are getting quite a few new additions as well as follows:

  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – Rudlph limited to 15,000 with a flocked chase.
  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – Hermey limited to 10,000 with a book holding chase.
  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – Bumble limited to 10,000 with a glitter chase.
  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – Yukon limited to 8,000 with a snow covered chase.
  • The Year Without a Santa Claus – Heat Miser limited to 10,000 with a diamond edition chase.
  • The Year Without a Santa Claus – Snow Miser limited to 10,000 with a diamond edition chase.

Funko Christmas Wrapping Paper

I’m actually surprised that they haven’t released more of this stuff yet – although I’ve got a feeling its not the first Funko wrapping paper, with this run being made in association with DesignGroup. The first one only has one image shown whilst all the others have 2 so I’m not sure if they have 2 designs for each of those franchises or if most of the paper is reversible (which would be a nice touch). So the different ones are a single design for Harley Quinn, 2 designs fro Five Nights at Freddy’s including 1 black light style, 2 Friends designs and 2 for the office.

These will all be available just at Walmart.

Harry Potter Anniversary Items

Even though there are a bunch of different product types here which i could have split up in the sections above, there really is a lot of Harry Potter stuff coming out for Christmas this year, on top of the calendar which i have already mentioned so I’ll leave that where it is. But as well as this there is also a new set of pops for Harry, Hermione and Ron, whilst Harry also gets 2 movie moments (one of which is a Funko exclusive) including him with a trolley and Hedwig, while Dumbledore gets a Hogwarts Funko Pop Town. Hagrid and Ginny Weasley also get their own moments which are exclusive to Target.

They’re doing something a bit different with their plush figures too making them feel a bit more pop like as these 4 inch plush will be displayed in window display boxes. They are releasing 4 of these for Hagrid, Hedwig, Hermione and Harry.

Finally their new thing seems to be these mini moments, each of which have a chase version. There are 5 altogether featuring Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy, Harry, Herminoe and Ron.

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