Nerd News: New Wall-E Funko Pops COming Soon

Wall-E is cute as hell, there’s no denying that and cute animated movies by Disney Pixar are always going to be super popular with nerds like us right? So it makes absolute sense that Funko saw an opportunity to get some new figures out to add to the Wall-E figures already out there, and I have to say that they have smashed it out of the park with this series!

There are a couple of exclusives in the form of Wall-E with his film can hat which is a Funko exclusive and a double pack of Wall-e and Eve exclusive to target. The two of them come together again in what I think might actually be the nicest looking movie moment they have produced to date! Then there are another 2 standard Wall-E pops (1 is a charging specialty series one and the other is him with a fire extinguisher), while other standard pops include Eve on her own and a Mo unit which has an alert chase version.

We finish this off with what has to be one of the best choices for a jumbo sized pop yet… This 10 inch Wall-E is gorgeous!

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