Nerd News: Funko Fair Celebrates 70th Alice in Wonderland Anniversary

It’s been 70 years since Alice in Wonderlands hit the screens with Disney, and Funko have decided to celebrate with what is actually a really nice selection of different pop figures and combos. Often you just get a few rehashed figures, colorways and mystery minis, but this new wave actually looks pretty good!

There are 4 exclusive items which are 2 different Alice pops (1 from Box Lunch and 1 from Target), a jumbo sized Cheshire cat from Walmart which I bet will be a popular one, and finally a pop and tee combo (with a flocked pop) featuring the white rabbit exclusive to Target.

Other more unusual items are a pop and buddy of the queen of hearts with a tiny king, a 2 pack of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum and then finally an Alice surrounded by flowers moment.

These all join common pops for Alice, white rabbit, March hare, Mad hatter and Cheshire cat.

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