Nerd News: A Very Munny Christmas with KidRobot

The munny by Kidrobot is some times I think an underappreciated canvas, but I think it’s mainly because the Dunny is just that little bit more fun! However Kidrobot have teamed up with 6 different artists to bring the munny back in to focus and bring us 6 very different takes on the idea of a christmasy character or scene. At the time of writing this however 5 of them had already sold out as they were one off pieces, with only the krampus left!

Drew Button

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come


13″ vinyl and paper with a light up feature

Amanda Vela-Charbonneau

Supernova Rose



John Kenn Mortensen

Baby Krampus



Vanessa Ditullio

Gingerbread House


7″ vinyl with sculpture built up on top to a total height of 13″

Pedro Correa



18″ (until you see it like below next to someone working on it, its easy to forget just how massive these are!


Chopper’s Tree Stand


7″ vinyl on a diorama atop natural wood

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