Nerd News: Pre Order the Mezco One:12 Collective Predator Now

I say it almost every time I write about a new figure from the Mezco One:12 collective range and I’m going to say it again… This thing is absolutely incredible looking – but then again I would say that – It’s a predator figure, and I love the predator! This guy is available to pre-order now though using the link below for $100 ready to ship in July to September 2021.

This 28cm tall figure comes with over 28 points of articulation along with some other very cool features and accessories:

  • 1 head portrait but with 2 different interchangeable mouth pieces
  • 7 hands including a pair of fists, 1 holding hand, 1 pointing hand, a pair of posing hands and yes you’re about to read this right – a hand for holding a severed spine and skull!
  • A magnetically attaching bio helmet with light up function
  • Full armor and wrists cuffs, with one having interchangeable blades
  • An articulated plasmacaster with light up function
  • Energy blast FX
  • Backpack
  • Detachable medicomp
  • Spine bandolier
  • Severed spine and skull
  • Bone and skull bandolier
  • Bone necklace
  • Display stand
  • Posing posts

As with all of these one:12 collective figures it is also going to come complete in a window box which is collector friendly.

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