Nerd News: Funko Help Disney Celebrate Disneyland Resort 65th Anniversary with Disney Parks Exclusives

This is a great day for Disney fans… or depending on what your bank balance can handle, could be a terrible bit of news, because Disney Parks just released a boat load of exclusive Funko products to help celebrate 65 years of Disneyland Resort! So let’s have a look to see what you can pick up:

Disney Funko Pop Train

If you want to collect the whole thing you’re going to have to go to a few sources which will have to currently include eBay if you’re in Europe as 3 carriages are exclusive to the Funko shop, 1 to Amazon and then 1 carriage and the actual locomotive look to be just commons. The 6 pieces all interlock.

Ride Mini Vinyls

So these are like pops (but smaller, although not pocket pops from the looks of it) depicting various Disneyland Resort rides, they’re not Funko Pop Rides, if that makes sense! There are 7 figures on the various rides (plus one of mickey which is also a pocket pop key chain), one full sized pop of Donald Duck on a ride and then 2 more which have climbed to the summit of one ride!

Alice in Wonderland Pops

Sort of related to the above section, purely because the mad hatter is also on the teacup ride, he is joined by 2 pops for Alice as well as the Cheshire Cat who are just stand alone figures. These are all Target exclusives and I have to say that the Alice and Cat pops don’t impress me too much. There are so many pops these days where Funko have really ramped up the quality and level of detail while still keeping that cartoony stylized pop feel we love. But these are just so very simple with Alice reminding me of the level of quality and detail I know from my Butthead figure which was released way back in 2013 and has been long vaulted.

Funko Town

I think it’s a bit of a shame that both town figures have the same building (as cool as it is) in the form of the castle, but one has Mickey Mouse outside and the other has Walt Disney holding a little Mickey.

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