Buying Autographs Direct from Celebrities through their Official Websites – Film & Television Edition

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This year has been a strange one with just about all conventions cancelled and fewer ways to get your items or photos picked out by the stars signed… You can always buy on places like ebay but do you always know that they are authentic? Or of course you can buy from a reputable trader, but then do they have that one special photo you want? There’s nothing quite like getting your item signed in person, but there are a few celebrities who give you the option to do the next best thing by buying from them direct!

Below are some of the best I can find, and I’ll come back to this page now and again to try and keep it up to date – why not let us know in the comments if you know of any I have missed!

Actors and Actresses

Adrienne King

Adrienne started out on in the spotlight with her first advertising gig at just 6 months old, and she stuck with that kind of work for a long time. Her most well known role however was of course Alice in Friday the 13th. It’s this fame where she cashes in on her shop with Camp Crystal Lake related paintings, prints and even wines alongside signed photos and other merch.

Bill Moseley

Bill Moseley is widely regarded as one of the nicest guys in the horror genre and is always a staple at conventions, but if you can’t get out to see him or want some exclusive pieces there is always a nice selection available on this online shop, hand signed by himself. Bets known for his roles in Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Devils Rejects franchise, he’s an absolute horror legend.

Claudia Wells

Claudia is an actress who is probably most well known for her role as Jennifer Parker in Back to the Future but has also appeared in Herbie the Love Bug, Fast Times and more. On her website you can find t-shirts, worn (and signed) jerseys, signed photos and personalised video messages.

Danny Trejo

I don’t really know what to say about this man, he’s one of my favourite people and easily one of the most under rated actors in Hollywood! He is most well known for Machete and has a shop with some awesome t-shirts, signed books, stickers and weirdly enough autographed Magic the Gathering cards!

Dick Warlock

Michael Myers has been played by many people as he wears a mask and doesn’t speak. Dick played Michael in Halloween 2, and is most well known for his stunt work with over 200 stunt credits on IMDB. His website has plenty of old style photos to get signed!

Doug Bradley

Doug is most well known as Pin Head from Hellraiser, one of the most iconic sci fi and horror characters of all time, but that’s just part of what he does – the shop however is mostly hellraiser stuff! He will even do recorded video messages while signing your item.

Dwier Brown

Dwier is an actor best known for his role in Field of Dreams, and all of the merchandise on his website is related to this movie, from signed balls and scripts to photos, posters and even personalised video messages.

Eugene Clark

Eugene has a long career as an actor of theater and television as well as a musical one (you can buy CDs on his shop too), but is best known for playing the zombie Big Daddy in Land of the Dead. I’ve met him at a Walker Stalker convention and he’s an absolute diamond. On his shop you can find photos and even a halloween mask!

Gary Busey

Who doesn’t know Gary Busey?!?! If you know his work, he’s an absolute legend of cinema and if not, you probably know him as that guy you recognise from somewhere who always seems to pull crazy faces these days! On his site you can get autographs on his book if that fits with your collection or on photos.

Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes

This is the place for official Jay and Silent Bob (and associated movies) merchandise with everything from clothing to toys, video games to DVDs and pins to photos. Some of these items, such as posters photos and scripts come up for sale from time to time signed by one or the other actor, and in some cases the full cast of the movie. Always a nice selection of signed items, but worth checking regular as inventory changes. Really reasonable prices!

Kane Hodder

Kane Hodder is a real legend of the slasher genre, best known for his work in the Friday the 13th and Hatchet franchises, on his online shop you’ll find a nice selection of hand signed photos.

Linda Blair

Linda Blair runs or champions an animal protection charity and sells her signed items through their website to allow the sales to fund their work. On that site you’ll find artwork, photos, dvds, clothing, toys and books, all signed by the original Regan!

Michael Berryman

Brilliant actor with a great range of franchises represented in, meaning you can choose from a few different film and tv appearance photos from his archive. Stock levels might not always be that varied, but the prices on his site are brilliant.

Robert Englund

Robert Englund is an absolute horror powerhouse and royalty since being the quintessential dream man – Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elmstreet franchise. His shop is full of fun Freddy items including sing your own items options and valentines cards alongside of course photos.

Tim Curry

Tim Curry has an amazing career in some of the most iconic films, especially from horror and fantasy history… and on top of that he filled the most iconic roles within those films. Due to ill health his autograph singing in person has become a little less regular, and he is now working with OC Celebrity Marketing to get items signed. It’s amazing the level of passion he has for his fans… Some of those Rocky Horror promo photos are just too good!

Tyler Mane

If you like horror movies, you’ll know who Tyler Mane is – he is that massive guy who plays Michael Myers, but at the same time is always seen as one of the nicest guys at conventions. If you can’t get out to see him, there are loads of signed items in his online shop.

Val Kilmer

I bet you weren’t expecting to see him on this list. We often think of these sorts of ventures as being reserved for smaller stars not Batman! However Val is now also a very accomplished artist and this website is mainly a way for him to sell these items, which are of course signed… But! He does also sell all sorts of other autographed items like photos, posters and scripts.

Warwick Davis

Warwick is a brilliant businessman and on this website he mainly sells his own items autographed for you, however he does also stock items by some of his co-stars from the years, all authenticated by him. There are a nice number of Funko Pops on his site, and the prices for his items are pretty reasonable compared to many celebrities.


John Carpenter

John Carpenter has made some of the most iconic horror and action cheese movies of all time including the Fog, Halloween, Escape from L.A., Big Trouble in Little China, Ghosts of Mars, Vampires, the Ward, They live, the Thing and Village of the Damned to name just a tiny handful! On top of that he’s also a very accomplished composer… Don’t know where he finds time to sign anything, but there are plenty of signed items amongst the DVDs, toys and posters including signed photos and magazines.

3 thoughts on “Buying Autographs Direct from Celebrities through their Official Websites – Film & Television Edition

  1. Whoever put this up thank you! I’ve got pictures autographed from Bradley and Davis and they look awesome and where personally autographed. Hope someday you will add more entertainers


    1. Thanks for reaching out, that’s great to hear and genuinely the push I needed to do those extra additions you asked for! I’ll work on this later and may split the article in to different posts as I know that adding more wrestlers could make this a VERY long list!

      I don’t have anything signed by Bradley, but I also have a promo shot featuring a few different roles of his signed by Davis… He’s had so many iconic roles that I couldn’t choose which one to focus on! What pictures did you get signed?


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