Collectables News: Sticky Geeks Zine Volume 1 Update

At the moment I have only about 10 pages left to complete so we are certainly on target at the moment for a launch date of 3rd September 2022 at DesignerCon in London. This is going to be a full colour gloss magazine with 80 pages (including covers) filled with 8 interviews, a couple of little editorial pages and mostly just pages upon pages of beautiful sticker and paste up art.

Originally it was going to be all stickers, but paste up art is so beautiful and diverse that I had to include some of that too, so you’ll see a few pages with paste up work too. Most of the pages are just totally packed combo pages like a beautifully chaotic blackbook to showcase the most diverse artists I possibly could, but there are also some shots from the street using props and in-situ combos. I really hope that everyone enjoys seeing this incredibly colourful zine which has ended up featuring over 150 different artists either through direct submissions or via friends and as part of collab pieces. The response to the zine as been absolutely incredible!

The zine will be launching at DesignerCon as mentioned, and the first batch of 100 prints will come with a small sticker pack. These packs will contain 10 stickers including at least a couple of blanks and will be sealed with a card topper, so it’s up to you if you wanna get involved in the Sticky Geeks project and throw some slaps up in the street or hold on to the pack as a collectable piece alongside your zine.

To make sure that international fans of sticker art have a fair chance to get a zine from this first run with the sticker pack (subsequent print runs if this one sells out won’t have any sticker packs with them) I will also be launching a pre-sale on my etsy shop for the zine allowing me to allocate up to half of the zines before the convention. However none of these will be sent out until the week after the official launch at Designer Con (so 10th September will be the wider release day on which all the other issues will be sent off).

As it stands (although until I finalise the print order this might change) the price is going to likely be set at £10 with free UK postage. For international postage I will subsidise it slightly so that the cost of UK postage is taken off your fee (around £1 or so I would guess to be removed from international postage), so that everyone gets the same benefits.

Competition Coming Up!

Make sure that you head over to our instagram page as well as that for Gekko who has compiled this zine, to make sure that you don’t miss out on pre-order announcements as well as an upcoming contest! We are very pleased to have received some stickers from Grey Jam Press and Eggshell Stickers, which will be included in all of the free sticker packs. However as well as this we will be putting together a contest pack which contains a small eggshell sticker blanks & marker pen combo from Eggshell Stickers along with a beanie hat from them too, a stack of blanks from Grey Jam Press, a canvas screen printed bag from Gekko (which will also be for sale at the Nerd Life table at DesignerCon) and not 1 or 2, but 3 brand new marker pen packs from Uni Posca in 3 sizes and from 3 colour palettes! We’ll even throw in a blank KidRobot Munny figure for you to customise with those new pens!

I bet you thought I’d forgotten…

Of course the pack will also include a copy of the zine along with an extra fat pack of sticky geeks submission stickers.

Go follow those social media pages now to get ready because this contest will be open to everyone (we’ll cover the postage cost). All you’ll need to do once the contest gets going (it will be announced on instagram not on here) is to share that post with your friends, follow both accounts and sit back and wait. We can’t wait to celebrate the upcoming release of this zine with you!

Nerd Life Instagram

Gekko Instagram

If you don’t want to miss out on the pre-order sales as issues will be limited to just 50 copies until after DesignerCon (if any copies come back with me at the end of that show they will go straight on Etsy too) it’s a good idea to go an favourite the Etsy shop and keep an eye on notifications on there!

Nerd Life Online Shop

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