Toy News: KidRobot Expand their Disney line with Mickey Mouse, Alice in Wonderland & Mickey and Minnie Vinyl Figures

KidRobot are adding to their Disney line with a number of new art vinyl toys which are going to really add to your collection, whether you’re a collector of art vinyl or Disney, they’re going to fit in well in any nice collection. The new figures which are available to pre-order now are as follows:

Mickey Mouse as King of Hearts as an 8 inch figure due to be released in the 4th quarter for $89.99

The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland as a 7 inch vinyl figure with the white fur parts being flocked coming out in the 4th quarter for $89.99.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse as a pair of 10 inch art figures holding hands with a heart locket around their hands and the messages “I will love you” and “every step of the way” engraved under their feet. This is a very sweet figure coming out 4th quarter for $194.99.

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