Toy News: Darth Vader Completes the Funko Pop Star Wars Bounty Hunter Collection

The Funko Pop Star Wars Bounty Hunter collection is a set of 7 funko figures which have been slowly getting released and which will interconnect with one another to make one awesome looking display – I’ve linked to a YouTube video of how this collection is coming together below by the Boba Fett Fan Club, but it just features the first 4 from the set because they’re not all available just yet. Dengar went on sale just 2 days ago and Zuckuss will be released on 16th February 2022.

The final piece of the puzzle has been announced, with no release date just yet, and it is of course the one and only Darth Vader.

People will no doubt say that he’s not a Bounty Hunter and quite right, but in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back it is Vader who summons the 6 bounty hunters to help track down and capture the Millenium Falcon, so this collection helps to display that iconic scene!

The whole collection in pieces can now be purchased and pre-ordered through Game Stop and EB Games only if you want every figure.

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