Nerd News: Target Exclusive Retro Series Star Wars Funko Pops – Don’t Worry Europe is Getting them too!

Available to pre-order via the Target website now is a new set of 4 figures to add to your Star Wars collection and I’m not sure how I feel about all of them. These figures are designed to have a retro feel to them, although for me they feel more like a comic art style design, a bit like you get in games like Borderlands… As I said not so sure about the retro name but nevertheless the artwork on these figures is very cool. I have to say that Luke is a pop I never really like much anyway so that hasn’t helped, and the storm trooper is just a bit darker than I’d like, whilst Darth Vader just has too much shading going on. Strangely enough, C3P0, a character I just don’t like and certainly don’t usually like the pops of, looks absolutely amazing!

Now then, if you’re in Europe and you want to get your hands on them as Target don’t ship abroad, you can get them at the following place, although you won’t be getting them for the cool $8.99 Target is selling them for!

  • Darth Vader;
  • C3P0; FNAC in France and ASDA in the UK
  • Storm Trooper; Game in the UK, Intermarché in France and Raccoon Games in Spain
  • Luke Skywalker; FNAC, Carrefour & Auchan in France and El Corte Ingles, Toy Planet & Carrefour Spain in Spain and Portugal

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