Frozen Fever Review

Rating: 1 out of 5.

I was never going to do a review of this thing because I actually thought that all 7 minutes of it were just a little Disney short – an extended music video for a new song as a little bonus feature in the Disney+ Frozen collection… But no, this is much more than that! I cannot believe (well actually, this is Disney we’re talking about so it’s not outside the realms of plausibility), that they actually gave this video, which as I said has a run time of 7 minutes, a DVD release. If you want this DVD now and are looking on Amazon, it can set you back almost £10… The same as a relatively new release full length movie… For 7 minutes!

Had they left it as a little bonus and a little addition to the cinema release of Cinderella then that would have been absolutely fine – it might even have had a slightly higher rating had they not done that… But it doesn’t deserve its own dedicated DVD.

I can’t write too much here other than complaining more that these 7 minutes have their own DVD as I’d give away too much about these 7 minutes… Although nothing much happens anyway. It really is just a music video for a single song and that’s it!

It does annoy me a little though that Elsa firstly remains an absolute menace to society by becoming increasingly reckless throughout, until she *spoiler alert, if that’s even possible in a 7 minute music video* nearly falls to her death because she’s just as stubborn as ever! But even more so the animators have thrown the rule book about her ice magic out of the window… She’s now just a straight up witch who can change the appearance of clothing and even make little hair berets out of thin air… No ice required!

My son is obsessed with this and to be honest it’s a nice short Frozen fix I can shoot his way rather than sitting through either of the movies… and even Olaf’s Frozen adventure is too long at almost 20 minutes! So whilst I moan that this thing is just 7 minutes long, it’s also literally its only saving grace.

This review probably has more words than the whole video!

Beyond the length it’s just unoriginal, regurgitated garbage which adds nothing of value to the Frozen franchise other than money, money, money in the Disney peoples pockets!

I think it’s unfair to call this a review… rant over!

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