KidRobot Plush Coming in the 1st half of 2021

KidRobot are probably most well known for the Munny and Dunny series of figures, and those are certainly by far the most impressive parts of their range in my opinion, but they also make some incredibly good plush toys… Many of which you would never think would make a good plush. But some how they always seem to pull it off! They’re true masters of stylized toys, and in the first quarter of 2021 they’ve got some amazing plush work ready to fill your shelves, and hell… why not sofas and beds too!

Here is everything they’ve currently got announced for release in the next 5 months or so!

HugMe Vibrating Plush

Right… these are I have to admit a range which I’ve never fully understood – maybe cause I’ve never owned one and I need to see one to see the full potential and appeal of these guys. I’ll be honest, maybe they’re a range which are only fully appreciated by female collectors – who knows! I just don’t know why we need these vibrating cuddly toys! The only one from this section to be released later is the 16″ Stitch (the first image where he looks like he’s wearing Hugh Heffner pyjamas) as that’s a second quarter release. But in the first quarter we will see an Elvis Stitch, Patrick Star from Spongebob with an ice cream, Kenny from South Park as an angel and Bob Ross with Peapod the squirrel – all in 16 inch, and all vibrating like crazy!

These are all priced in at $37.99 each.

Yummy World and Other Food & Drink Related

Firstly I have already recently announced the first two which are adult drinks related as the Pina Colada and Moscow Mule cocktails get turned in to really cute cuddly toy drinks. With the Pina colada you can even take out some of the ingredients! The other adult beverage in this group is a 10 inch Duff beer can from the Simpsons, whilst the final food related thing which doesn’t appear to be in their Yummy World range is a collaboration with Sanrio and their Gudetama the lazy egg character. I should probably have put this in the Hello Kitty section below, but it does appear on a pack of ramen!

Let’s move on to the Yummy World range, which is what really seemed to start their wierd obsession with turning food items in to super cute cuddly toys! In this next wave there is a 10 inch bag of yummy bears which can be removed from the bag coming out in the first quarter. In the second quarter we have Bubba the shrimp nigiri which can be disassembled, as well as Bertha the 10 inch bucket of chicken with 8 pieces inside!

Hello Kitty

KidRobot do love to team up with Sanrio and their Hello Kitty character – usually with brilliant results. Leading on from the previous section, there’s a Hello Kitty in a noodle pot which is a 12 inch plush for $39.99 as well as 8 different key rings of Hello Kitty dressed as different cup noodle ingredients for just $8.99 each.

There’s a medium sized plush (which I guess is going to be around 7 inches or so, but hopefully that will be confirmed on their site, coming in the second quarter, which is a taurus zodiac Hello Kitty for $29.99 as well as an Aries one coming slightly earlier in the first quarter.


Their bread and butter plush range is their range of phunny toys which comes in all sorts of different styles and characters. There are 3 new ones for this range as well as a random figure I’ll start with which doesn’t seem to really fit in anywhere else, which is a massive 16 inch Mr Meeseeks from Rick and Morty for $31.98. Actually in the phunny range we have a 7.5 inch Ultraman, an 8 inch Patrick Star from Spongebob and a 10 inch Sally from a Nightmare Before Christmas, each for $12.99.

Music Icon Cushions

This is a totally different range for their plush pieces as these are cushions, or pillows as they put it based on a couple of music icons. There is firstly the iconic David Bowie lightning bolt which is 18 inches wide and costs $39.99 along with 2 16 inch wide Elton John themed pillows for $29.99 each – a pair of sunglasses and his signature in gold!

All of these plushies are available to pre-order now from the KidRobot website below!

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