Nerd News: Mezco to Release 3 New One:12 Figures Featuring Dr Fate, Ghost Rider & Jason Voorhees

The One:12 series by Mezco is one of their most detailed range, and certainly if you want to take photos of your figures out of the box or are an out of the box collector they have a huge range of articulation and accessories allowing them to be displayed almost any way you want. They’re releasing 3 new figures and they all look incredible!

The first is close to my heart as a horror fan as they have released Jason Voorheese from the Friday 13th movies which is due to ship out in May or July of next year and you can pre-order it here for $85 now.

This one is modelled on Jason from Friday the 13th Part 3 and this 16 cm tall figure with 28 points of articulation is packed with accessories and features:

  • 2 head portraits
  • Removable hockey mask
  • 6 interchangeable hands including a pair of holding hands, a pair of relaxed hands, a spear holding hand and a grabbing hand.
  • An axe which can either be held or fits in to a gash or head wound on Jason (HOW COOL IS THAT!)
  • A machete
  • A cleaver
  • A wrench
  • A fireplace poker
  • A knife
  • A spear gun
  • A pitchfork.

The next figure announced is one which I’m less familiar with as they bring us the DC character Dr Fate based on the Kent Nelson alter ego version of the character which has apparently gone through a few changes in its time at DC. This guy is absolutely loaded with features though including some cool light up features.

It’s going to be shipping between March and May 2021 and is available for pre-order here for $95 now. Accessories and features you can expect from this 16 cm tall figure with 30 points of articulation include:

  • 2 head portraits
  • 10 interchangeable hands including a pair of fists, 2 pairs of posing hands, a pair of spell hands and a pair of book holding hands
  • A faux leather cape with posing wire
  • Fortified chest armour with light up function
  • Faux leather tasset
  • Removable helmet of fate
  • 3 magic FX projections
  • 1 book of thoth
  • 2 wrist mounted posing posts

The final figure to announce in this batch is by far the most expensive coming in at $240, but you’ll see in a second exactly why that’s the case. It’s not just Ghost Rider, but he’s also complete with his Hell Bike and looking absolutely incredible! He’s available to pre-order now from the Mezco website ready to ship in June to August 2021.

This figure stands at 19 cm tall and has 32 points of articulation, whilst his Hell bike has a length of 23 cm. Features and accessories include:

  • 8 interchangeable hands including a pair of fists, a pair of holding hands and 2 pairs of posing hands
  • Movable jaw
  • Light up feature on his head
  • 2 removable flame FX for the bike
  • 1 hellfire chain
  • 1 metal posable chain
  • 2 flame FX for his hands
  • Light up function on Hell bike
  • Sound function on Hell bike

It might not seem like he has that many extras with him, especially at that price.. But just look at that bike!

As with all One:12 collective figures they come with a clear stand, display post and are sold in a collector friendly window box. All 3 of these look amazing, especially Ghost Rider and Jason, so this is a very exciting announcement indeed!

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