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I hadn’t really been in to Playmobil much, although I must say that it does look like they’re trying to appeal a lot more to an adult market… They’re slowly reeling me in! I have just purchased the Back to the Future advent calendar so keep an eye out for that one at the end of the year – there will be a day by day reveal on my Instagram and then a review at the end – I have to say it looks pretty sweet!

The Playmobil Main Online Shop

The main reason for me checking out their website however was to buy some presents for my son. I found that they do an advent calendar for the toddlers range and got him the full range of zoo figures and play sets (sorry, except for the truck with the rhino), and have to say that between all of that stuff (including free postage and a gift mystery figure) I spent £101… I’m pretty happy with that.

The website itself is easy to use and I always like when manufacturers sell their own products – the theory being that they should be priced competitively right? Well… You know I wish I’d written this article before making the order, or at least finalizing it, because I probably could have saved a few pounds, but I’m not super out of pocket and I also didn’t find anywhere else which had the full range of products in one place, so it was convenient at least… And I’m pretty lazy! But in all truth, the prices on their site are pretty good.

Playmobil Treasure Box

Most people are likely to navigate the shop by going for the bundle or set of toys which most applies to them, but if you’re just browsing a perfect place to start is the treasure box which is a mixed bag of toys and sets showing special offers, accessories and exclusive items (including some exclusive accessories which you can add to existing play sets to improve them further). I’ve even seen items as much as 53% off the original price.

Delivery & Quality of service

So… Having ordered these, I rejoin this article a little while later to celebrate the arrival of some goodies. Firstly don’t forget that I had a really easy time navigating their website… It really is a very nice website to get around. But I did get a bit of a surprise when it finally arrived, with the key word being finally.

It is now 29th September and I made my order on 20th September. This is in fact within their advertised 5 to 7 working days delivery, although that information isn’t displayed right in front of your face… We’re in a modern lazy age where we need information right in front of our noses in order for it to go in!

These items are for my sons Christmas presents as well as being both mine and his advent calendars, so the delivery time really is not a problem at all! But if you wanted something quickly I would suggest that it might be worth looking within the UK first. From what I gather these items came to me direct from Germany. If you’re ordering spare parts (its always nice to see a company selling a decent number spare parts) the wait time can be as long as 8 weeks.

Beyond the shipping taking a little while the experience goes straight back up again as everything arrived in perfect condition, and due to the price of my order also came with a free gift which looks to be a race driver who can also be dressed as a cave man or handy man… Its a bit too small for my son still but a nice little touch never the less and I’ll enjoy putting this guy together (most likely as the cave man as he comes with a cool bone club) tonight.

Play with Playmobile Online

Just to quickly finish, and somewhat unrelated to the actual order which I made, there is also a play section on their website which is really cool to see – there’s loads there to do for free, and I think that can only help to make the brand even more desirable for kids at least.

I found at least 15 different apps, including a few Ghost Busters ones, at least 25 videos (including stop motion animations and 360 videos), arts & crafts (including football fixture planners, chore charts and much more), coloring sheets, full color comics (some of which are actually very good), online booklets, online games and printable table top games. This really is a website which gives a hell of a lot and whilst it is all mostly aimed at kids, there are starting to be more and more of us collectors who can find a few things of interest here!

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