Nerd News: New Wave of Funko Soda Vinyl Figures Hitting Shelves January 2021

These have only just been announced for January 2021 and have been on pre-order for around 24 hours, and already some of them are already selling out. Some of these have got some low-ish numbers and that’s why they’re going so fast but that’s what I love about this range, bringing back the collectors value (although some do still have very high production runs).

Firstly we’ve got a couple of Wacky Racers, each with a corresponding chase edition as well! Muttley has a flocked chase whilst Dastardly usually just has the purple coat, but with the chase has his coat upgraded to a very cool design which I can only describe as his pimp coat! These both have runs of 12,000.

For Disney we have Clarabelle the cow with a production run of just 8,000 and an absolutely gorgeous black and white chase. Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas also joins her with a production run of a whopping 20,000 (there goes that collectors value when Funko hear the bells of their own money chiming through their bank accounts! His chase is a glow in the dark.

Donatello is the latest of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to join the line up with a glow in the dark chase and total production run of 12,500.

Superman has the most extreme chase version as they swap him out for Bizarro… That’s going to be a sought after chase if you ask me! There is a 15,000 run of these though!

The latest Samurai Jack figure is Aku with 10,000 produced and the chase being a simple darker version without so much detail on the face… I absolutely love that one.

Finally we have a 12,000 piece Bob Ross figure with the chase having slightly different colors and a flocked hairdo and beard combo!

These are all available for pre-order (where stock is still available) from Entertainment Earth below:

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