Unboxing 2 NerdBase UK Mystery Boxes

This was the first time I ordered from this company and only found them on Instagram by chance after they liked one of my pictures. These boxes both cost me £20 each as I got them on a day where they had offered £5 off per box, so they were usually £25 boxes + postage and packaging. Overall I paid £43.50 if I remember right.

Check out the video below to see the reaction to this mystery box… If you read on before watching the video it does contain spoilers for what’s in the box:

These boxes were very well packaged and right from the start they were a pleasure to deal with! I messaged them in the evening, at about 21:30 and got a reply right away and received the boxes just a few days later.

They did release what all the hits, exclusive pops and exclusive dorbz were, with the following combinations being possible:

5x 1 hit
1x 2 damaged common pops+1 exclusive pop+1 exclusive dorbz
1x 2 common pops + 2 exclusive dorbz
4x 2 common pops + 1 exclusive dorbz
5x 1 exclusive pop + 1 exclusive dorbz
5x 1 common pop + 1 exclusive pop

Fugitive Predator Fall Conventions Exclusive


This for me was the top hit out of the whole mystery box run so I was very happy with this pop. It arrived in great condition, especially as it was in a soft protector. The only shame with it is that where ever they got it from put a security tag on the inside of the lid and poking out a little bit. I’m keeping this pop so it’s not the end of the world for me.

Shuri Gold Chrome Fall Conventions Exclusive


This came in a soft protector so arrived perfectly. I generally don’t collect many Marvel pops and not any black panther so this one won’t be staying in my collection.

Luke Cage


This pop had a pretty good crinkle on the left side of the box which is a shame. There was the chance of a damaged pop mentioned in the description but that was paired up as 2 damaged pops with an exclusive pop and an exclusive dorbz… It’s a cheap pop so it’d not going to affect the value much, after all I’m not going to be keeping this one… But it will be interesting to see how damaged the damaged pops were.

Linus Van Pelt


Even though it wasn’t in a protector, it arrived in perfect condition, especially for a vaulted older pop. I was surprised that the value is so low considering but I think it’s a limited market for this one. I’m not going to keep it in the collection – I’m generally not a huge fan of pops of simplistic cartoons like these and South Park… Even Beavis which is my biggest grail piece isn’t a particularly nice looking pop!

So what did I think overall?

I was happy… I really was!

The selection of pops available was pretty cool and they arrived packaged incredibly well, so they get a huge thumbs up for packaging.

I’d certainly use them again, and I have to say that the person behind the NerdBase, who I think is called Greg and is just 16 years old, is the main reason I would use them again. Such a pleasure to deal with and if he keeps going like this, I think we’re going to see some awesome mystery boxes coming our way from him in the future!

Nice effort!


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