Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Spoiler Free) Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This review is spoiler free as long as you have managed to remain in a cave and avoid the posters and trailers. This review will not reveal anything which is not revealed in the trailer below… So you’re safe, if like me you were late to the party in being able to see this hugely anticipated film! And I think after some of the films which Disney has released in this franchise, there really were a lot of expectations and worries alike for this film.

Disney have made no qualms about this being the final movie in this particular set of films, however that doesn’t mean that there will not be more spin off films like Solo and Rogue One or series like the Mandalorian. There will, I am sure, be plenty more titles which are “A Star Wars Story” and I really do hope so as well!

What can I say, it’s an incredible story… Disney bought in to what is easily one of the best cinematic universes out there (I do also like the Marvel, Star Trek and Matrix universes).

Getting back to the subject at hand… The Rise of Skywalker.

I’ll start with, I liked it… And I really did, it’s a very entertaining and enjoyable film to watch – I haven’t been able to get it on DVD (yeah I still watch those) so we did just rent it on Amazon Prime, and I’m sure I’ll get a hard copy at some point because I will want to watch it again.

It answers a lot of questions, and not always in the way in which you might have been expecting. I think this is a film which is filled with, and it was always the intention for it to be filled with 2 things. Closure and nostalgia! and boy does it have the second in droves!

We see old actors (including some very touching moments which you can see in the trailer using repurposed previously unused footage of Carrie Fisher), old crafts and scenery, old planets and relics from the previous films… For people like myself who grew up loving these films, there really are tons of references to years gone by which will fill you with delight and excitement.

I have to admit that I’m still not 100% on board with the character of Rey… I’ve never liked her too much, purely because I feel like they rushed her development way too quickly, especially when it comes to her ability to use the force. However, over the previous films I have grown to get used to her. I won’t say that my feelings about the character are any more than that! But we do see more of that development in this film, and we find that she fits in to the story and the resistance much better in what according to Disney should be the final chapter with this set of characters… Will there be any more origins films, such as for Rey perhaps?

You know what? While watching this film, thinking all the while that Disney have said we’ll be saying goodbye to the storyline, you do find yourself wanting to cling on to the characters, and as much as I’m not on board with Rey, do I want them to do a prequel to her joining the resistance… Well, yeah I do now!

This movie really is a great throwback to some of the earlier Star Wars films, and whilst I would have loved to see more light saber fighting (although after all by this time how many masters of the craft are there?) but what it does have in spades is awesome space battles… it has humor… the resistance fighters have attitude… the various different storm troopers look absolutely amazing… and it just feels like a Star Wars movie.

I would say that hands down out of the Disney Star Wars films this one right here is currently the pinnacle (although I haven’t seen the small screen Mandalorian series yet). I honestly feel that they did an amazing job!

All the previous complaints in the last films that things were too dark, or too slow, that ships were too weak or that space battles had no uhmpf to them… I personally think that those complaints are gone! It is an action sci-fi movie and if this is an end to this particular saga then this film is a deserving end indeed.

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