How Many of Each Funko Pop Figure are Produced?

This is a question which comes up quite often, and it’s not that easy to answer, especially nowadays where the market has become far more flooded with pops… Which equally has resulted the perceived answer to this question to be becoming increasingly annoying for collectors!

Limited Edition

This is quite a broad terms for Funko these days. There are still pops (such as a few Freddy Funko pops from Fundays etc) which run over really limited production runs of as low as 25, 75 or a few hundred. If they are as limited as that, the number will be on the sticker on the box. It’s a shame they don’t this is (and with the same number) for more pops, like they do with their Hikari range.

However this is where it when gets a bit wishy washy! There are some pops which are said to be limited edition but are limited to numbers as high as 20,000 or even 40,000 or more. This is often the case for many of the limited run exclusives, including those on the Funko shop. The PX Exclusive Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy for example is one of those 20,000 limited edition figures.

Common Funko Pops

Where it becomes even less clear is when you start to look at common pops! There are plenty of pops now with open production runs or runs which go on for a number of years. Runs over over 100,000 are now easy to imagine. Just at the start of 2020 2 figures were released with both of these one after the other breaking all previous pre-order records. The first was the Iron Man from Endgame and the second was the Child from the Mandalorian (aka Baby Yoda of course). What sort of numbers are we looking at here in that case?

We actually don’t know how many of each pop are made for most figures. Only those where they want you to know that they don’t have an unlimited supply.

If you want to get a glimpse in to some of the numbers for the smaller production runs, which usually are the Fundays ones, some of the other types of exclusives, perhaps chases etc. then the closest I have found to such a list is on the website below:

However you’ll see that even that site doesn’t have even close to a full set of figures, and looks like it is not often updated. But some of the figures you can find on there of products which we can actually say are limited edition include:

  • Glow in the Dark Boo Berry x 24
  • Metallic Count Chocula x 480
  • Comikaze Stan Lee x 1,000
  • Black & Silver 9 inch Mickey Mouse x 18
  • Freddy Funko as a Bloody Walker x 12
  • Freddy Funko Frankenberry x 125
  • Headless Ned Stark x 1008 (which is also one of the most sought after pops out there)
  • Amy Farrah Fowler in a Purple Sweater x 2,000
  • Bloody Daryl Dixon x 3,000

Things get a little easier when you start to look at protos (prototypes) for which there are generally just a handful, in the single digits – maybe just 2 or 3 even! They will often make a proto for the mould, there will then sometimes be a seperate one with different coloured parts to show the base colour for each section of the pop, followed by possibly a proof product proto, which is usually for pops where they are going to an exclusive supplier / partner. I have also heard of show protos (trade shows) which may be ceramic, but that’s just something I’ve heard and there would just be 1 or 2 of those.

So does that answer that age old question?

No… I agree it doesn’t, but I also believe that we’re not going to find out with most of these common pops how many there are… as long as there is demand those numbers will however keep rising, I can promise that! Although for your average hobby collector it shouldn’t worry them too much. Who cares how popular it is… collect what you want and what you can afford – don’t worry about how rare it is until you have to.

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