Perfect Skin Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Richard Brake – He’s definately a very under rated actor who I’d love to see in more films… He does crazy VERY well! His performance in Perfect Skin is no different either. He starts off the film very calm and is able to skip seemlessly between upstanding member of the public and creepy guy who hangs from hooks through his knees.

As a side note, there are far too few films which delve in to depicting suspensions, although much of what they show in this film in terms of body modification is actually refreshingly accurate.

Brake plays the part of Bob the tattoo artist who finds himself a tattoo virgin who also happens to be a vulnerable young woman in this country trying to make her way through life by depending on friends. She becomes his captive and throughout the film continues to become more of his masterpiece… Whether she likes it or not.

Brake however isn’t the only stand out performance in this film, with the other coming from co-lead, Natalia Kostrzewa, who I’d never seen or at least remembered in a film before this. She adapts through her role incredibly well and this means that for a film with a tiny cast and obviously small budget, you get a huge amount of suspense and emotion in return.

When I first read the synopsis for this film I thought it would go down more of the horror route, but don’t expect this film to be jumpy or gory, it’s definitely more of a thriller which doesn’t need a big production with excessive CGI or special effects. It relies on makeup, location and great acting to deliver a story which in all fairness you end up believing could very well play out in modern London right under our noses.

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