Sticky Geeks Vol. 1 – The Nerdy Sticker Zine

I’ve been toying with this idea for a long time and have now bitten the bullet and taken the lunge to see whether the interest is out there!

Along with anything nerdy and geeky I have a huge passion for street art, especially paste up and stickers, so would love to combine those 2 passions by putting together a magazine which celebrates the nerdier side of these street art mediums! But I need your help to get as many sticker artists on board as possible!

When you look at it the theme of nerdy and geeky can cover such a huge range of topics, so please get in touch if you make stickers and they touch on any of these styles of design elements so that we can get you in this paper print magazine! But also if you’re just a general sticker artist working with more abstract ideas or making little throwies and tags we still want your work too to be included in sticker packs going out with each magazine!

Which topics and styles are we looking for?

  • Alien
  • Anime
  • Anthropomorphic
  • Books
  • Cartoons
  • Cats (I know! Nerds love cats!)
  • Chibi
  • Comic
  • Cosplay
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Kawaii
  • Movie & tv related
  • Pop culture
  • Sci-Fi
  • Space
  • Toys
  • YouTube channels

That’s right, even if you have your own company or social media channel which has its own stickers… maybe you’re a Twitch streamer, cosplayer, YouTube channel owners, sell your own comic or have an OnlyFans / Patreon etc where you give out stickers… send them my way and we’ll promote you – there is someone out there (even if it’s just me) who wants to see it as part of a cool pop culture sticker book!

The magazine itself is going to be made up of different styles and will feature at a minimum the following, so there’s plenty to look at and get your name out at the same time:

  • A directory at the end of the zine showing the name of every sticker artist we publish along with either a social media handle or website link and a small version of 1 of your stickers (doesn’t include artists who only submit stickers for the accompanying packs)
  • Clean pages with spaced out stickers to showcase some of the bigger and / or more intricate pieces.
  • Combo pages where we will have every inch of the page covered with stickers, some times overlapping one another and just looking downright dirty and gorgeous!

Depending on how many people submit work and how big the zine gets we might be able to look at some showcase articles too or pages where we show a big outdoor combo you’ve put up in the street as long as its relevant to the theme – but we’ll get to that closer to the time… one step at a time, hopefully we’ll get at least a few artist submissions!

As it stands we’ve got well over 50 artists on board (in theory)… Let’s keep that number moving up baby!

Stickers are sexy as hell and so is nerd life, so let’s get together and make one of the sexiest street art magazines out there.

Let me show off your gorgeous art!

To submit just fill in the details below (there’s not much to it as you can see) for more information – I will preferably want actual stickers in hand as I will be making actual combo pages to be scanned and included so need your stickers here with me… And get in there quickly! If possible I want to try and get this ready for print in time for DesignerCon in London this year which is in September – so not much time for curating a whole magazine.

All the artists already involved:

Actual artist participation count already in the zine or part of the sticker packs with the first print run = 11

Calmy Jane

Mr Tractor Inspector


..::]Cod€ $truktur[::..

Greatt Whyte (GRW82)




Feelings Boi


The Unividuals