Toy News: Funko Pop Disney Ultimate Princesses – Cinderella, Merida, Mulan & Anna

A couple of the pops from this wider collection have already been released along with their pins and I think as far as Disney princess pops go, these are some of the nicest. They’ve really taken their time to make these figures refined and beautiful, making them real collectors pieces, even if you’re not a regular pop collector. As mentioned each of the following also comes with a small enamel pin.

The latest princesses to be announced for this release all come as a gold edition (while the pins remain the more traditional colours for each princess), and they are Mulan (from the film Mulan) as well as Cinderella (also from the film of the same name as the princess). That Cinderella is an absolutely gorgeous pop. Coming from films that aren’t named the same as the princess we have Anna from Frozen and Merida from Brave.

Keep an eye on the Funko website for release details.

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