Collectables News: New Original Artwork by the Cameron Twins

I should really do more news pieces about art releases. I really like the art of the Cameron Twins and am really happy that they’re going to be a part of the Sticky Geeks zine. They’ve just release 7 new items on their online shop from the looks of it, and if you love screen printing aesthetics mixed with retro vibes and nerdy subjects you really should go check them out!

The new pieces available now are:

  • Lucky Rabbit’s Foot signed edition of 30, £110
  • Don’t Wind me Up! (yellow) 1 of 1, £130
  • Don’t Wind me Up!, signed edition of 30, £110
  • Horse-Tinted Spectacles, signed edition of 50, £90
  • Be Mine, signed edition of 30, £110
  • Panda Eyes, signed edition of 50, £90
  • The Breast of Times, signed edition of 50, £90

Each of these pieces are hand screen printed by the twins which means that even though you may be getting 1 of an edition of 30 or 50, they’re just as much work as the 1 of 1 originals, so really worth the investment. if you want something a little cheaper, they also sell some of their designs as giclee prints where the work is done by a machine rather than human hands.

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