Toy News: Marvel Black Panther Legacy Collection Funko Products Exclusively at Target & and Damion Scott Artist Series at Walmart

Now, before I go any further I just need to clarify that I am waiting for confirmation about the Walmart online exclusive which is comprised of 4 Black panther pops as a Damion Scott Artist Series and for an art series they look incredible. Take note Funko, this is how you do your art series pops! These will be exclusive to on 21st and 22nd July only as part of their summer collector con. I am not sure if they will be heading to stores or other outlets afterwards.

Joining these in this announcement but as a Target exclusive is a legacy collection, which also looks incredible. It is made up of 4 separate pops (Shuri, Ramonda, Nakia and of course T’Challa sitting on a throne) as well as a pop and tee set featuring Shuri.

What’s your favourite, the art series or legacy collection?

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