Toy News: KidRobot San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Pre-Sale Goes live

KidRobot are releasing 6 SDCC exclusives this year and since yesterday they have been online as a limited pre-sale on their website. There are 3 drops altogether on 7th, 8th and 9th July however no products will ship until after SDCC. So here are the products currently available:

Andy Warhol 12″ vinyl Bust – Lavender Edition

This 12″ tall vinyl bust is limited to just 300 numbered pieces world wide and for a piece so large surprisingly costs just $175.

Andy Warhol Fright Wig Self Portrait 8″ Masterpiece Dunny – Pride Edition

This 8″ vinyl Dunny is limited to just 200 world wide and like the vinyl bust is going for $175 each. Strangely I think one of the nicest looking parts of this Dunny is the gorgeous rainbow signature on the back!

8″ Kaiju Cosplay hello Kitty Vinyl Figure

For $110 you can get your hands on an 8″ tall hello kitty in a kaiju costume and comes ready to smash some buildings with the car she’s holding! These are limited to 400 pieces.

Sergio Mancini x Quiccs Teq63 6″ Figure – Blueprint Edition

Again for $110 and limited to 300 pieces is a new version of the Quiccs Teq63 figure as a 6″ version with paintwork by Sergio Mancini. The blueprint type artwork on this figure is absolutely stunning and it looks like the arms are removable and can be swapped out for 2 individual ones… Although I can’t see confirmation of that on the site… I can’t imagine they’re 2 different products though!

Hello Kitty Lanyard & Pin Set

A more cost effective product for the struggling collector is this 500 limited edition lanyard and pin set featuring 4 different hello kitty designs on a cute pastel coloured lanyard. Each pin is 1.5″ tall.

Godzilla x Nissin Cup Noodles Lanyard & Pin Set

Also costing just $30 for a 500 limited set of 4 pins on a lanyard but this time featuring Godzilla tucking in to a delicious cup noodle.

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