Toy News: Funko Box of Fun 2022 Teams Announced

The Funko Box of Fun which is part of the Funko Fundays celebrations is going to come with 4 different variations, with each of these being representative of a different team. The 4 teams for this year are:

  • Pop Protector (for which they have announced a sword wielding lion)
  • Proto Robos (with a cool retro looking robot)
  • Killer Crowns (represented by one of the creepiest clowns they’ve done)
  • Blacklight Bandit (with a spray painting raccoon)

Along with each of the boxes having 1 of those pops, it will also contain 3 other exclusive Pop related items, however those have not yet been announced.

Full details of how to get your hands on one of these boxes, whether you’re making it to FunDays at San Diego Comic Con this year or are going to chance it on their website can be found at this Funko article.

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