Event News: Designer Con London 2022 Vendors Announced

There should be more information being released in regard to things such as talk schedules etc on 20th July, however the list of vendors for the London D Con event being held on 3rd and 4th September this year has been released… And yes, we’re amongst them! Please do come and check us out while you’re there. We have got our exclusive figures on sale as well as having art available from both Gekko and Sixxes and Sevens at this time… There is still plenty of time for us to get more bits in and we can’t wait to share all this with you!

There will even be some D Con exclusives from us!

The alphabetical list of vendors as it stands on 7th july is as follows, but I believe they still have spaces open and haven’t yet announced the layout of the show. There are some amazing faces there so it’ll be difficult for me to not spend more money than we make there:

  • 3d Retro
  • 52 Toys
  • Abbtil Art
  • Angelus Brand
  • Angry Hegdehog
  • ArtXDrew
  • Balkong Toys
  • Ben Rider
  • Bold Raccoon
  • C-Concept Studio
  • Classicbot
  • Charles Birch Ltd
  • Charlotte Clark
  • Collect and Display
  • David Stevenson
  • Doki
  • Doktor A
  • Ejits
  • Emi Monster Art
  • E.R Whittingham
  • Fleur de Lapin
  • Grum Reaper
  • Hakon Clothing
  • Inscape Studio
  • Jaykishen Bhatt
  • Ko-Re-Ko-Re
  • Loolastrations
  • Mister Mistry Custom Art & Design
  • Nerd Life
  • Original Rezinz
  • Paul Jackson
  • PJ Constable
  • Pourcer
  • Print is Dead
  • Pure Arts
  • Rach makes
  • Ronin Creative
  • Saramanders Studd
  • Second at Best Press
  • Sstutter
  • Star Guys
  • Steampunk Glass
  • Sunguts
  • Thirteenth Clothing
  • The Toy Chronicle
  • Thumbs
  • Unbox Industries
  • VeVe NFT
  • Vice Press
  • Vintage Trainers
  • Wharf Street Studios
  • Yaakov

Even though the schedule hasn’t been released yet they have confirmed some of the speakers already which currently include JonPaul Kaiser, Doktor A, Thumbs, Will Blood and Paul Jackson, with the pass artwork having been provided by Doktor A. And not to brag, but I think us exhibitors managed to get away with the best looking of the passes 😉

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