Sticky Geeks Zine Artist Profile – Terp

The Sticky Geeks sticker and paste up zine focusing on all things that cross the line between sticker culture and nerd culture features some absolutely brilliant artists… Here’s just one of them! Go show them some love and support!



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Umeå northern sweden

About my art and what i think are central aspects. Why i started making streetart was to compete with big corporations on what messages are displayed in the urban milieu, what ideals and political statements are we feed all day every day? Of course we get affected by what messages we are bombarded with. So im just a citizen claiming my space, lets people know what is on my mind. And often its not directly political, rather the opposite, i dont want to attribute my art with a political ideology. But of course my personal view on life is very much anarchistic. Otherwise i would probably not be such a “troll” with my stickers and pasteups. The act of taking up space and claim your little corner, when it comes to what voices are heard or spoken, is important for me as streetartist. I love the direct aspect of going out and make your art and make yourself wheter its leagal or not. Most people are brought up with an idea that advertisement has monopoly on the public space. Minks that has lived in captivity all their lifes and are freed by militant vegans, are so aclimated to their cramped and confined life in small cages. That they dont know anything about outside life in a forest. So when freed, they start running in small circles, like they still were in a imaginary cage. And like good citizens most of us tear down stickers and streetart that is challenging the homogenous opinions in our urban milieu, but not many tear down advertisement even tough its way more harmful. I want to be a free being not living my life in an imagined or real cage, and i want the same for my kids. Thats also why me and my son do this streetart togheter.

Terp, 2022

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