Sticky Geeks Zine Artist Profile – KiezMiez030

The Sticky Geeks sticker and paste up zine focusing on all things that cross the line between sticker culture and nerd culture features some absolutely brilliant artists… Here’s just one of them! Go show them some love and support!



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Germany and world

Berlin-based street art artist KiezMiez030 mainly chooses the cat to bring her artistic themes and messages to the street. There are a few other motifs, such as the cute little dog who is a bodyguard. He says, “Everyone should have a bodyguard.” There are also special motifs for special occasions, like the singing lion on a sheet of music for Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday in 2020. She is always discovering new countries in the world for herself, also thanks to the wonderful sticker and street art festivals around the world. Collaborations with other street artists are an asset to their own artistic endeavors. KiezMiez030 works with her own stencils or paints with acrylic, watercolor or other colors on paper, cardboard, canvas or sprays directly on the wall. She also paints / sprays records, CDs, stones and cardboard boxes / used packaging and old remote controls and electronic parts. One of her specialties is painting receipts that can be found around town. Of course, she can also be found with various motifs on stickers in the streets.

KiezMiez030, 2022

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