Toy News: Latest Line of Funko Sodas Featuring DC, Ad Icons, Marvel, Cartoon Network, NASA and the Simpsons

The latest line of Funko soda figures to be announced as coming soon is a really eclectic mix and I have to say there are a few very exciting additions coming here.

The first of these exciting announcements is from the world of cartoons with a Simpsons addition in the form of Homer limited to just 15,000 and I’m surprised they kept such a reasonable number for this character. The chase version is holding a beer rather than a donut. Further cartoon and anime figures are Him from the Powerpuff Girls limited to 12,500 with a totally different chase sculpt and Ochaco Uraraka from My hero Academia with 15,000 units and a chase which is wearing a helmet. This is a very cute sculpt.

For the ad Icons and just general icons there’s an astronaut representing NASA with 10,000 units. The normal version has a white suit and American flag, while the chase is in an orange suit and waving at us. This is joined by Mr Jelly Belly representing the Jelly Belly candy company. There are 10,000 of him with a purple / bluish chase.

Finally from different franchises the super hero genre is filled with Flash Gordon over 12,500 units with a whip wielding red dressed version as a chase, Hawkman representing DC with 12,500 units and a flocked chase holding a mace rather than a shield and finally Vision bringing up the rear fro Marvel from the Wandavision franchise with 17,500 units and a silver chase.

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