Toy News: South Park Goth Kids & Trolls Phunny Plush from KidRobot

2 new ranges have been added to the Phunny 8 inch plush line by KidRobot and they couldn’t be further apart on the colour spectrum!

Firstly there are the trolls!

In the URL it seems to suggest that these will be available as a 3 pack, however don’t quote me on that! All I know for certain is that there are 3 different colours available as per the image above. The link on the KidRobot doesn’t seem to be working at the moment so hopefully they’ll be available to order soon!

Then, living in the shadow of the rainbow is the (almost) monochrome set of goth kids.

I remember the episode where Stan joins the goth kids of South Park and it always resonated with me as a fellow goth kid… I think I need to go and re-watch some old South park episodes!

Anyway, those main 4 goth kids (which doesn’t include Stan which I think is a real shame) are Henrietta Biggle, Michael, Pete and Firkle Smith, immortalised as 8 inch phunny plus figures! They’re available individually for $16.99 each or as a 4 pack for $67.95… Giving you an incredible 1 cent saving. Come on KidRobot, you can do better than that!

These are very cool though and I think the whole South Park range (but especially the goth kids) is at least one of if not the best Phunny line out there at the moment.

Not certain about the trolls set but the South Park set should be shipping in the 3rd quarter of this year, with them being available to pre order now.

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