Toy News: DC Black Adam Funko pops Coming Soon

The latest superhero set coming to Funko is for DCs Black Adam and it’s a pretty nice looking set with a fair few characters available. At the same time they’re also honouring the source material with a new comic cover for Black Adam #1. I think it’s nice how they’ve tied the two announcements together.

As for the movie set there are 2 normal standing pose Black Adam figures, with the floating one and one having glowing lightning bolts between his hands, whilst there’s also a figure of him sitting down on his throne. Amazon also have another version of the floating Black Adam where he has glowing eyes.

Moving on to other characters, there are 3 versions of Hawkman (a common, a deluxe ride and also a Walmart exclusive, also available on Pop in a Box in the UK) who is also joined by Dr. Fate, Cyclone, Sabbac (which is a really nice figure and my favourite from this set) and Atom Smasher.

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