Sticky Geeks Participant Info

Hi, if I’ve sent you to this link then it should mean that not only have you expressed an interest in taking part in the sticky geeks sticker zine, but that your art has arrived! Thank you ever so much for taking part, it really means a lot to me and this is going to help me make an absolutely gorgeous zine that I hope everyone will be happy with.

I am going to be doing a couple of things to try and help spread the word for all artists involved so need a few details please – please note that for the zine directory as we have far more limited space there please put in again which is your prefered online presence to be printed in the physical zine as I can only do one per artist. Online you can put in as many links as you want!

If you don’t want to answer any questions that is absolutely fine and you can be as vague as you want. if you have no answer at all i will put in a question mark – i’m more than happy to have some mystery! But if for location you want to put the universe, in a hole or what ever else than please be as imaginative as you want… this zine is supposed to be fun!

Again – Such a huge thank you for taking part, watch this space and our social media pages for updates on how this project is coming along!