Toy News: Philippines Mickey Mouse Funko Pops

The Department of Tourism for the Philippines has announced a number of Mickey Mouse Funko pops where he is seen wearing a barong tagalog, which is the national dress of the Philippines. I cannot find too much information on them at the moment (especially where they will be available) however do know that they are available in black & white as well as sepia (with the latter being my favourite). However there are 4 of the black and white ones, each with the same sculpt and number but different mickey mouse shaped sticker on the front, suggesting that these will be available at 4 or 5 different locations.

The department of tourism has said that they hope the item will be collectible for adults and children alike and that it will evoke fond memories of the Philippines and their favourite Disney characters. I for one think its a great way for a country to help boost interest in the country to a new audience.

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