Tove Lo – No One Dies From Love Official Video – A Sci-Fi Love Story

I’ve mentioned it before with a video by Dorian Electra, that I don’t usually write about music videos, because they don’t often enough come along as being particularly relevant to the topics I write about, but every now and again it does happen, and I do hope that one day there will be enough for me to warrant a dedicated section. For now, this video can sit in the general ramblings section but you may well be interested to read about Tove and the Annie 3000.

If you listen to the song itself it has literally nothing to do with sci-fi or nerd culture. At its core it is a generic, and dare I say, pretty good pop song by Swedish performer Tove Lo (real name Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson). She is known for enjoying dipping in to nerd culture from time to time, including a DJ set she performed in 2020 for 6 lucky fans on her island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This video however is the most obvious look in to this interest.

In this video she feels lonely, something which is a big topic in mental health at the moment so it’s interesting to see it tackled by a celebrity. In order to fight this loneliness she purchases a robot companion. Again this is quite relevant as we see more and more AI friends popping up for your phone. An AI friend who has a physical form surely isn’t that far in the future!

Tove appears to fall in love with the robot and certainly the robot falls in love with her which follows with plenty of really cool and heartfelt scenes of this AI figure learning and gaining more feelings… Check out the video yourself to find out whether the song, No One Dies From Love is about the idea of Tamagotchi syndrome, something I spoke about last week in which modern culture sees us getting emotionally attached to inanimate objects which could distance us from society, or whether it is about whether the current throw away culture of technology could have a negative impact on AI software and machines as they become more autonomous.

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