Funko Home Video (VHS Case Style) T-Shirts

I have absolutely no idea how old these products are so I can’t put it in the news section, especially because EMP already has quite a few designs on sale, so I’m guessing these aren’t new and I just missed them. I did however randomly find them the other day in HMV. So if you want to get your hands on these they are stocked at HMV – I saw these ones in Canterbury so I know they have a decent selection there, or if you’re not heading to the high street any time soon or just like to spend your money with EMP then click the titles below to find them online.

These shirts have pretty much nothing to do with the usual Funko style, so you won’t be buying the Batman t-shirt for example and getting a Funko pop styled Batman image on the front. Instead what you get is a retro feel image of Batman (mostly black and white but with a yellow emblem on his chest) and the old 1989 Batman logo underneath him, the same as on the VHS cover. The t-shirt itself is then packaged in a box which has been made to look like the VHS case for that specific film. Essentially, the box it comes in is more of a collectible product than the t-shirt itself.

Saying all that, they are of course a very nice product, and one thing I have learned from years of wearing Funko Pop tees is that Funko do know how to make a very high quality and durable t-shirt, with these actually also being very affordable (especially if you get the EMP sales prices). It looks like, depending on the design and where you buy from that you can expect to currently pay anywhere from around £15 to £23.

The range I have been able to find for sale so far includes the following designs:

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