Toy News: 3 Horror Inspired Phunny Products Coming soon to KidRobot

3 new Phunny plush toys are available from KidRobot for pre-order and they all have a dark theme which makes them all wickedly exciting for the latter part of this year. Each of these is available to pre-order now for $16.99 in an 8 inch plush version.

Valak, the evil spirit in the Nun has to be the creepiest one of all, especially considering it is part of the same cinematic universe as Annabelle.

From the Killer Klowns from Outer Space franchise comes one of those naughty clowns in the from of Rudy.

Finally, as KidRobot themselves put it, the cutest little possessed girl ever, it’s Regan from the Exorcist, and this is the only one which also comes as a 13 inch version for $34.99.

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