NFT News: DC x Funko NFTs Coming Soon to Droppp

The next drop of Funko digital NFTs is going to be a DC collaboration and it will hit the Droppp service on 5th May at 11:00am PT. I think that this one is going to be a pretty popular drop which I’d say they agree with as they have minted 25,500 Standard and 25,500 Premium packs, with the premium number usually being lower than the standards. So there will be a lot of these NFTs about!

The price for a standard pack is going to be $9.99 for 5 digital pops while the premium packs, containing 15 digital pops, will go for $29.99.

As has become one of the fan favourite features of these there will be a number of redeemable digital pops available which are as follows:

  • Batman Rebirth – 999 made minted
  • The Eradicator – 2,050 made minted
  • Batman Gotham by Gaslight – 2,050 minted
  • Green Lantern; Kyle Rayner – 2,050 minted
  • The Flash Rebirth – 2,050 minted
  • Freddy Funko as Batman – 2,694 minted

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