All Tamagotchi Releases to Date

Last year was the 25 year anniversary of the release of Tamagotchi in japan and I have an article coming up very soon to celebrate the global release which came a year later, but for now leading up to this celebration I wanted to put together a list of all the Tamagotchi releases which we have had to date in date order – although I won’t necessarily go in to details of the different shell designs. We will be looking at some of the accessory items however, as well as any of the games played on other devices such as consoles, PCs and smart phones.

For casual fans, people looking in to a nostalgic look in to their past or someone who doesn’t really know anything about this product range yet – be warned! This list is likely a lot bigger than you think it will be – especially if you’re outside of Japan and not aware of all of their exclusive releases.

Last updated 21st April 2022

1996Tamagotchi Generation 1GlobalHand held
1997Tamagotchi Generation 2GlobalHand held
1997TamagotchiGlobalNintendo Game Boy
1997Tamagotchi AngelGlobalHand held
1997MesutchiJapanHand heldCan physically connect with Osutchi
1997Game de Hakken!! Tamagotchi V2JapanNintendo Game Boy
1997OsutchiJapanHand heldCan physically connect with Mesutchi
1997Mothra TamagotchiJapanHand heldTo help promote the “Rebirth of Mothra” movies
1997Game de Hakken!! Tamagotchi Osutchi to MesutchiJapanNintendo Game Boy
1997GenjitchiJapanHand held
1997Tamagotchi 64: Minna de Tamagotchi WorldJapanNintendo 64
1998Mori de Hakken!! TamagotchiJapanHand heldWas to be released in the USA as Tamagotchi Garden but was never released outside Japan
1998Tamagotchi CD-ROMGlobalPC
1998Umi de Hakken!! TamagotchiGlobalHand heldFor releases outside Japan was known as Tamagotchi Ocean
1998Hoshi de Hakken!! TamagotchiJapanPlasyStation
1998Debiru no TamagotchiJapanHand heldSome times has the nickname Devilgotchi
1998Yasashii TamagotchiJapanHand held
1998SantaclautchiJapanHand heldChristmas themed release
1998DoraemontchiJapanHand heldBased on the Doraemon manga series
1998DoramitchiJapanHand heldA different looking version of Doraemontchi
1998Sega Saturn de Hakken!! Tamagotchi ParkJapanSega Saturn
1998TamaOtchiJapanHand heldLimited edition release
1999Tamagotchi TownJapanSuper Famicon
1999Deai Hakken!! ArukotchJapanHand heldThis was a pedometer and the final “vintage-era” Tamagotchi product
2004Tamagotchi Connection Version 1GlobalHand heldMost commonly known as Tamagotchi Connection, in Japan it was released as Tamagotchi Plus
2004Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi PlusJapanHand heldCommonly known as the K-Plus
2004Deka TamagotchiJapanArcadeCould be connected to Tamagotchi Plus to win new prizes for their Tamagotchi
2005Tamagotchi Connection: Corner ShopGlobalNintendo DS
2005Tamagotchi MiniGlobalHand heldApproximately 66% of the size of the original. In japan it was known as the Chibi Tamagotchi
2005Tamagotchi Plus AkaiJapanHand held
2005Tamagotchi Connection Version 2GlobalHand held
2005Ouchi no Deka TamagotchiJapanTable top unitA home version of the Deka Tamagotchi, often called the Home Huge Tamagotchi
2005HanerutchiJapanHand heldFeatures characters from the Japanese show “Haneru No Tobira”
2005Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi PlusJapanHand held & PCAlso known as the EnTama was a hand held device with an antenna which allowed people to visit the E-Tamago website on their PC and interact with their Tamagotchi there
2006Tamagotchi Connection Version 3GlobalHand heldKnown in Europe as the Tamagotchi Connexion Version 3
2006DoraemontchiJapanHand heldUnaltered re-release of the original vintage-era version to celebrate the release of “Doraemon: Nobita’s Dinosaur” the movie
2006Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 2GlobalNintendo DS
2006Hanerutchi 2JapanHand heldFeatures characters from the Japanese show “Haneru No Tobira”
2006Tamagotchi SchoolJapanHand held & website
2006Tamagotchi KakeiboJapanTable top accessoryAccessory to help with the upkeep of your Entama generation Tamagotchi
2006Ura Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi PlusJapanHand held & PCUpdated version of the EnTama often known as the UraTama
2006Tamagotchi: party On!GlobalNintendo Wii
2006Tamagotchi Connection Version 4GlobalHand held
2007Tamagotchi Connection Version 4.5GlobalHand held
2007TamagoChuJapanHand heldSold in pairs which can connect wirelessly
2007Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 3GlobalNintendo DS
2007Furefure TamagotchiJapanTable top accessoryLarge devices to work alongside the Tamagotchi School to increase gameplay modes
2007Oden-Kun TamagotchiJapanHand held
2007Tamagotchi no Furifuri KagekidanJapanNintendo Wii
2007Tamagotchi RestaurantJapanHand held
2007Tamagotchi AngelEuropeMobile Java gameBased on the Tamagotchi Angel Japanese hand held release
2008Royal Dream Family Tamagotchi PlusJapanHand held & DVD extrasFeatured a DVD with other games included on it
2008Tamagotchi Olus ColorJapanHand held
2008Tamagotchi Connection Version 5GlobalHand held
2008Tamagotchi MonsterEuropeMobile Java gameBased on the Devilgotchi release
2008EXmotchiJapanHand heldA version of the Tamagotchi Plus Color in celebration of the Japanese band EXILE
2009Tamagtochi Connection Version 6GlobalHand heldOutside of Asian and Australia is known as Tamagotchi Music Star
2009Tamagotchi no Narikiri ChannelJapanNintendo DS
2009HexagontchiJapanHand heldA version of the Tamagotchi Plus Color in celebration of the Japanese quiz show “Quiz! Hexagon II”
2009Tamagotchi iDJapanHand held
2010TamaTownGlobalMixed Hand Held & OnlineThe TamaTown release was part of the Tama-Go unit and came with a website as well known as Music City
2010Motto iD! Ouchi de Tamagotchi Station PlusJapanAccessoryAllows 3 Tamagotchi iD to be connected and perform dance battles
2010Tamagotchi no Narikiri ChallengeJapanNintendo DS
2010Tamagotchi NanoJapanHand heldThe same size as the Tamagotchi mini but a different shape to become the template of the future miniature licensed releases
2011Tamagotchi CollectionJapanNintendo DS
2012Tamagotchi Mini Good Luck VersionJapanHand heldPart of the 15th Anniversary celebrations
2012Tamagotchi iD LGlobalHand held
2012Tamagotchi P’sJapanHand heldThe successor to the iD L. Special sold seperately pins which slot in to the top allow new characters from licenses and categories which include:
– 17th Anniversary
– Aikatsu!
– Baby
– Berry Sweets
– Disney
– Dream Coffret
– Dream to Change
– Fairy
– Love & Melody
– Melody Land
– Miracrise
– Nameko Nfn Nfn
– Royal
– Sanrio
– Tama-Star Circus
2012Ouchi Mainichi TamagotchiJapanNintendo 3DS
2013Tamagotchi FriendsGlobalHand held
2013Tamagotchi L.I.F.E.GlobalSmart devices
2013Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. AngelGlobalSmart devices
2013Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. Tap and HatchGlobalSmart devices
2014Tamagotchi 4uJapanHand held
2015Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town Digital FriendGlobalHand held
2015Tamagotchi 4u PlusJapanHand held
2015Tamagotchi Classic -Original-GlobalSmart devices
2016Tamagotchi m!xJapanHand heldAlso known as Tamagotchi Mikusu
2017Tamagotchi 20th Anniversary Version MiniGlobalHand held
2017Tamagotchi 20th Anniversary M!xJapanHand held
2017Gudetama TamagotchiGlobalHand heldBased on the Sanrio character, Gudetama
2017Pocket UsatamaJapanHand heldTokyo Disneyland exclusive
2018Tamagotchi MeetsJapanHand held & appTamagotchis can interact from all over the world through the app
2018My Tamagotchi ForeverGlobalSmart devices
2018Eevee x TamagotchiGlobalHand heldBased on the Eevee Pokemon
2019Tamagotchi OnNorth AmericaHand heldThe English equivvilent of Tamagotchi Meets
2019Pocket UsapiyoJapanHand heldTokyo Disneyland exclusive
2020Demon Slayer TamagotchiGlobalHand heldAlso known as the Kimetsu Tamagotchi. To celebrate the release of the Demon Slayer movie “Kimetsu no Yaiba: The Movie- Mugen Train”
2020Hello Kitty TamagotchiGlobalHand heldBased on the Sanrio character, Hello Kitty
2020EvatchiGlobalHand heldBased on the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series it is also known as the Multipurpose Egg Shaped Decisive Weapon Evatchi
2020Pac-Man TamagotchiGlobalHand heldBased on the Pac-Man game series
2020Jordy x TamagotchiSouth KoreaHand heldBased on the NINIZ character, Jordy
2021Tamagotchi PixGlobalHand heldFeatures a camera
2021Pui Pui MolcartchiSouth KoreaHand heldBased on the Pui Pui Molcar stop motion series
2021Kamen RidertchiGlobalHand heldBased on the Kamen Rider series to celebrate the 50th anniversary
2021Tamagotchi SmartJapanSmart WatchIt is the only tamagotchi released to be worn as a wrist watch
2021R2-D2 TamagotchiGlobalHand heldBased on the Star Wars character, R2-D2
2021ExtellatchiJapanHand heldTo celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Fate/EXTRA series release it is part of a Fate/EXTELLA Celebration Box
2021BT21 TamagotchiGlobalHand heldTamagotchi Nano based on mascot characters for the band BT21
2022JujutsutchiGlobalHand heldBased on the Jujutsu Kaisen manga franchise
2022Jurassic World TamagotchiJapanHand heldBased on the Jurassic World franchise to celebrate the Jurassic World Dominion release
2022Kingdom Hearts TamagotchiJapanHand heldBased on the Kingdom Hearts game series

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