Toy News: Funko Ad Icons Featuring Hershey’s Twizzeles & Mike and Ike

There’s a new batch of ad icons coming out, but they’re the packaging style ones rather than the advertising mascots for the products (personally I prefer the latter ad icons). These are available to pre-order now for a Hershey’s bar, a pack of Twizzlers (which is quite a cool one I suppose), and an original fruit pack of Mike and Ike candy.

Now being from the UK I don’t know if there’s an actual brand involved in the final two (I don’t think so because the cup has the Funko crown on it) or whether it’s just a nostalgia icon instead. There’s a box of cinema-style popcorn and a generic cup of soda holding a straw.

Maybe some of my American readers can clear up the last point – it’s just a nostalgia thing rather than a brand right?

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