Toy News: Funko Die Cast Star Wars Boba Fett Coming Soon (?)

So this is a bit of a confusing one because on 5th April Funko announced on their twitter feed that the die cast Boba Fett will be hitting their online store at 9:00am on 6th April, however as I write this on the 7th April it is still listed as coming soon on the Funko shop, and people have been receiving plenty of notifications to say that it is now ready to buy. There isn’t a statement on their site or social media to update the release date so I guess just hold on and keep an eye on the site for now… Fingers crossed it’s just a momentary glitch and not another Schrute-gate incident where a figure goes inexplicably missing for weeks on end before re-appearing. Especially because this is a VERY cool figure.

Even though it’s the 5th die cast to be released, it is the first Star Wars character so is boxed as die-cast number 1 and this one comes with an unpainted metal look chase version which is absolutely gorgeous! The figure of course is made from die-cast acrylic and I always think they would look so amazing if this chase metallic one was actually what they were a die-cast metal like you get with so many cars.

The packaging for these with the foil overlayed hard stack style cases also adds a whole new level of class to this range of figures.

Keep an eye out on the Funko online shop where this will hopefully be available soon for $50 each.

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