Event News: Secret Cinema Launch Guardians of the Galaxy Immersive Experience

Yesterday I gave my thoughts on which world Secret Cinema may be launching after they teased a new sci-fi experience. I mentioned Guardians as something which I had seen other people suggest but to be honest, I personally didn’t feel like the hints were as strong as they were for some of the other franchises I thought – I really thought Thor Ragnarok had a decent shot. However this morning they have announced that it is indeed Guardians and the Galaxy.

The Facebook post states”

The Ravagers are looking for new blood and they want YOU! 🚀
There are rules to break, galactic cities to raid, and dance offs to win.

The pre-sale for these is on Friday but general ticket sales launch on Monday 14th March 10:00 GMT. As yet there are no details about dates, prices and of course location 9which you won’t know for certain until you arrive, which is part of the beauty of this amazing event.

It’s an 18+ show but they will also have some 12+ performances, so as they had at the Stranger Things performance we attended I guess that there will be some matinee performances.

Sign up here for presale access and I for one can’t wait to see more details – I’ll see you there!

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